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Frequently asked questions

What is a forwarder?
Our forwarders are masked email addresses that privately and securely pass messages to your real email address. Share them with third-party services to keep your personal email address private.
Where is Vend available?
Our forwarding service is available globally. If you plan on selling your aliases, we currently support 47 countries via our payment partner, Stripe. See the complete list here.
When should I use Vend forwarders?
You can use Vend forwarder email addresses in most places you'd use your regular email address. We recommend using them when signing up for marketing/informational emails where you may want to control whether or not you receive emails in the future.
Can I use them for essential services?
We don't recommend using aliases when you need your identity verified or critical emails. For example, you'd want to share your real email address with your bank, doctor, and a lawyer or when receiving concert or flight boarding passes.
Can I reply to messages using my Vend alias?

Yes. Users can reply to a forwarded email directly from their regular email client. We remove your real email address before dispatching your reply to the original sender to keep your identity private.

Please note that adding a CC or BCC to your reply will expose your original email address to these recipients. If you do not want your actual email address exposed, do not add CCs or BCCs when replying.

How do I transfer a forwarder?
You may transfer your aliases to other people by first unlocking your alias transfer page. Send the transfer page link to the person you wish to take ownership of your email forwarder. If you add a price to your alias, you may sell it securely using Stripe.
Can I use domains that I own to create forwarders?

No. As forwarders are transferrable, we must ensure that the domains used are continually renewed and correctly configured. Therefore we do not allow you to add your domain names. However, we do offer a managed domain service.

Learn more about the service here.

Can I send an email directly from my forwarders?
We have a compose feature that you can access via your dashboard for sending email.

Use cases

Some ideas for how to use Vend Email

Sell lifetime deals

Scored yourself a great lifetime deal that you no longer need and want to sell?

Certain third-party products prevent account email address changes.

Fix the problem by signing up with one of our forwarders and safely sell it instead. Name your price or even give it away!

Whoever owns the forwarder has the option to pass it on or sell it again.

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